DuncanMcDougall, F.R.P.S.


1998 Gateway Theatre Gallery and Foyer, Richmond, B.C.
1995 Richmond Art Gallery, Richmond, B.C.
1993 Threshold Gallery, Vancouver, B.C.
1986 to 1992 Corporate Exhibitions, Vancouver, B.C.
1980 to 1985 Raymond Chow Gallery, Vancouver, B.C.
1985 Burnaby Arts Council, Robson Square Vancouver, B.C.
1973 Press Club, San Francisco

1994 Atrium of the Bank of Hong Kong, Vancouver, B.C.
1980 B.C. Photographer's 10th Anniversary Exhibition, Robson Square
1986 Fine Arts Gallery, University of British Columbia
1983 NAPA Traveling Exhibition
1981 B.C. Photographers Exhibition, Robson Square
1979 The Art Gallery, Guildhall, London England
1979 Polytechnic Arts Centre, Preston, England
1979 The Cathedral Nave, Coventry, England
1979 Turnpike Gallery, Leigh, England
1971 NAPA Exhibition B.C. Photographer's Showcase
1968-1969 P.S.A. "TOP" XVIII Exhibit
1969 Burnaby Art Gallery, Burnaby, B.C.
1966 Vancouver Arts Council, Vancouver, B.C.

Arts and Science Foundation, Permanent Loan Collection, Chicago, U.S.A. Alcan Aluminum Company Limited Air Canada C.P. Air Andres Wines Limited Scott Paper Limited The Fraser Institute Hexel Company Limited, U.S. A. Ilford (Canada) Limited Federal Government of Canada Canadian Helicopters Limited VLC Properties Limited Swinton and Company Ladner Downs Colour Craft Limited B.C. Packers Limited Karl Stittgen Goldsmiths Limited Can-Am Agencies, U.S.A.

Dr. Friedrich von Hayek, (Nobel prize-winning economist) Austria
Mrs. E. Bronfman, Montreal
Stephen Vrlak, Vancouver
Barbara Monohan, Ontario
E.A. Miller, Vancouver
Charles Bartz, La Mesa, Arizona
William Lucas, London, England
Dr. Frank Rosten, Palo Alto, U.S.A
Gerald Tottman, Calgary, Alta.
Pit Martin, Ontario
Edith Rockingham, Connecticut, U.S.A.
Francis McFarlaine, Burnaby
Bruce MacDonald, Surrey B.C.
Loren Adams, Maui, Hawaii
Zale Puhlman, California,
Douglas Hagart, Vancouver, B.C.
Sandy Johnston, Vancouver, B.C.
W.A. Bennett, (Former Premier of British Columbia)

1994 Silver Award Fraser Valley Club of Printing House Craftsman - Fine Art Print
1983 Award of Excellence, U.S.A. - Photography
1979 American Graphic Arts Award - Photography
1979 Printers Industry of America - Award of Excellence
1974 Graphic Arts Award, - Switzerland - Photography
1973 Silver Award - Toronto International
1968-1973 22 Awards - Professional Photographers of America
1968-1973 26 Awards - Professional Photographers of Canada
1972 Silver Award - Toronto International
1970 Represented in the Permanent Collection of The Arts and Science Foundation of America
1970 Fellowship of the Royal Photographic Society
1970 Listed: Who's Who in America, Who's Who in the West, Men of Achievement, Cambridge, U.K.
1961-1969 15 Awards - International Exhibitions
1968 Gold Medal - Chicago International
1967 Associate of the Royal Photographic Society
1967 Award of Merit - Photographic Society of America
1966 Silver Medal - Whittier International
1966 Award - San Jose International
1966,67,68 Leading International Print Exhibitor from Canada
1958 Silver - All Canadian Exhibition


BOOKS - Author

1979 TORONTO - Published by Whitecap, English/German/Japanese editions
1979 VICTORIA - The GARDEN CITY -Published by Whitecap
1978 VANCOUVER - Published by Whitecap

BOOKS - co-author
1983 TORONTO - Kraulis/McDougall - Published by Whitecap

BOOKS - Contributed to
1992 SONGS FROM THE WILD - Beautiful B.C.
1982 BRITISH COLUMBIA - Douglas & McIntyre
1981 VANCOUVER- Whitecap
1981 VANCOUVER ISLAND - Whitecap
1980 BRITISH COLUMBIA - Whitecap
1987 BRITISH COLUMBIA - Beautiful West/Whitecap

1996 Thunderbird Press - Black & White Fine Art Print
1995 Thunderbird Press - Black & White Fine Art Print
1994 Thunderbird Press - Black & White Fine Art Print
1993 Thunderbird Press - Black & White Fine Art Print
1992 Thunderbird Press - Colour Lithograph
1991 Thunderbird Press - Colour Lithograph
1984 O'Brien Press - Black & White Fine Art Print
1982 Island Mills - Fine Art Calendar
1979 Hallmark Cards U.S.A. - Fine Art Print


1994 Camera Canada Magazine, Portfolio "Equal Temperament"
1970 Canadian Photography - Cover

1989 CKVU Television - "Westcoast" Interview and Documentary
1982 CBC Television - "Lyle's Art Studio" Photography Instructor
1979 Channel 10 - Documentary - Photography
1979 CBC Television - Interview with Valerie Pearson
1976 Channel 8 - Documentary - Photography

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