Duncan McDougall F.R.P.S.

With an early childhood in the English Lake District and given the freedom to roam Duncan developed an acute visual perception of the world around him. He discovered photography while studying piano with the London college of Music, the two were inseparable. Arriving in Canada in 1952 he continued to develop his interest in both music and photography, completing studies at the Ryerson Institute of Technology.

His philosophy of economy of movement is shown in much of his work, many images captured on film are often only a few feet apart. The quality of light, the time of day and the state of mind influence the outcome. There is a subconscious act of creation while visualizing the image on the ground glass. The correlation of music and visual imagery often trigger the creative process.

For the past 26 years Duncan has been a commercial photographer, working with small, medium and large format cameras, electronic flash and tungsten lights. The studio demands that he be completely focused,, from the overall concept to the minute details. These skills have helped him in his personal work.

His favourite equipment is a vintage 5x7 wooden camera, with complete movements for depth of field required for the subject and an equally vintage tripod with spike tips for better ground contact. He prints to archival standards, using Selenium toner on fibre based paper.

In 1970 Duncan was awarded his Fellowship in the Royal Photographic Society. He has had several exhibitions both National and International, his work is collected by corporate and private collectors and he has accumulated an impressive list of International Awards.

"Once Upon a Time in the West"

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