Once Upon a Time in the West

You only discover the true significance of the present when it becomes the past.
Each civilization may leave a small vestige of its existence.

This is my perception of the remnants of a past way of life in Western North America and
Central America. These images have been collected over a 40-year period. Sadly much
of what I have captured on film has now vanished.

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Emerson, after the flood
Emerson, After the Flood, Manitoba 10" x 19" 1978 Gelatin Silver

squamish rock
Squamish Barn, B.C. 11" x 14" 1965 Gelatin Silver

barns, palouse, washington
Barns, Palouse, Washington
7" x 19"
1990 Gelatin Silver

Snowbound, B.C.
7" x 13"
1982 Gelatin Silver

Old Pensioners, B.C.
20" x 24"
1961 Gelatin Silver

broken wagon
Broken Wagon, Limerick, Sask...
11" x 15"
Gelatin Silver

number 79
Number 79, Alberta 16" x 16" 1979 Gelatin Silver

Wagons, California 16" x 20" 1981 Gelatin Silver

Klondike, Paddle Wheeler, Yukon 16" x 20" 1961 Gelatin Silver

tumacacori detail
Tumacacori - detail, Arizona 16" x 20" 1997 Gelatin Silver

Totem Poles in the Fog 16" x 20" 1964 Gelatin Silver

Totem Pole - detail #1, B.C. 9" x 11" 1988 Gelatin Silver

totem pole 2
Totem Pole - detail #2, B.C. 10" x 11" 1988 Gelatin Silver

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