Ancient Dreams

36"x 24" original oil on canvas, 1989
By Loren D. Adams, Jr.
Accelerated Evolution I Series

Limited Edition: 100 custom printed Cibachrome light etchings
with original handwork by the artist

This temple complex by the sea suggests a time out of memory–a golden age of spirituality,
contemplation, beauty, intellect and creativity on personal and cultural levels.

Col. James Churchward tells of his study of ancient writings and temple records on stone and
clay tablets describing the existence of Mu, the Motherland, a vast continent that was situated
in the Pacific Ocean; cataclysmic earth changes occurring about 12,000 years ago brought
about the almost total destruction of this "Garden of Eden." Easter Island, the Hawaiian
Islands, and others throughout the Pacific are thought to be remnants of this great continent.
Cut off from the Motherland, colonial empires of this highly advanced culture remained as
pale reflections of former glory. Thus Churchward describes the great civilizations of the old
Oriental empires: India, Egypt and Babylonia.

The Lemurians considered the sun the most sacred of their symbols for the Creator; therefore,
the main lines of colonization from Mu took place along Easterly and Westerly routes toward
the rising sun and the setting sun. Later discoveries showed links from this migration, such
as the pyramids that we see both in Egypt and in Mexico.

In "Ancient Dreams" Loren Adams is depicting an AUM Temple in Mu at the height of the
cultural development. AUM is an inscription that has baMed scholars and scientists
throughout the world. In the Book of Manu Ancient Hindu, Sloka 77, we find, "The
monosyllable AUM means earth, sky and heaven." In the ancient Hindu book Manava
Dharma Sastra, Book 2, Sloka 74, we read, "In the beginning the infinite only existed, called
Aditi. In this infinite dwelt AUM whose name must precede all prayers and invocations."

In the sacred inspired writings of Mu, AUM is connected to the Creation and continuation of
all mankind. The legend says, "One became two, two produced three, from these three life
was continued on."

Ancient Dreams by Loren Adams

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