The Augmented Sea

36"x 48" original oil on canvas, 1982
By Loren D. Adams, Jr.
Accelerated Evolution Series
Private Collection

Full Title

"The Augmented Sea, Garden of Eden, the Motherland"

Limited Edition: 100 custom printed Cibachrome light etchings with original handwork by the artist

According to Col. James Churchward, the Garden of Eden was not in Asia but on a now sunken continent in the Pacific ocean.

Loren Adams is fascinated by archeology, ancient sacred symbols and religions, mystery schools and evidence of lost cultures or entire civilizations lost through dramatic earth changes. "The Augmented Sea, Garden of Eden, the Motherland" is the perfect archetype for a Garden of Eden or genesis on this planet or any other.

On another level, the "Augmented Sea..." is the ultimate tropical paradise, taking the modern-day Maui as its inspiration. The artist believes that this is his very best romantic work, with its beautiful full moon halo shining through prismatic raindrops glistening on the lush tropical vegetation, its crashing waves washing up on the reddish sand beach, and footprints leading to a tiny grass shack on the beach. It radiates an almost other-worldly beauty.

After many requests, it was decided to release a small limited edition for collectors and friends.

The Augmented Sea by Loren Adams

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