La Mia Prerogitiva

(Latin for "It's My Prerogativen)

18"x 60" original oil on canvas, 1988
By Loren D. Adams, Jr.
Accelerated Evolution I Series
Tribute to Rene' Magritte

limited Edition: 100 custom printed Cibachrome light etchings
with original handwork by the artist

Loren Adams describes himself as "a big Magritte fan." He has always enjoyed great art. In
his formative years as an artist he was influenced by the old masters, and later by the artists
of the Hudson River School. He particularly appreciated the manner in which they portrayed
a sense of grandeur in their paintings. His taste soon evolved to include a love of surrealism;
the artists he most enpys are Magritte, Escher and Dali.

"La Mia Prerogitiva" is a tribute to Rene' Magritte, who was the first artist to employ the
symbol of a painting on an easel, within a painting. The study, or first state of this important
work, was begun November 21, 1985 on the anniversary of Magrittes' birthday, November 21,

"La Mia Prerogitivan is a major transitional work in Loren Adams' career; it is a part of that
select group of paintings that the artist terms, "the Accelerated Evolution Series." This series
heralds a new breadth and dimension in his life's work.

For many years Loren Adams has been recognized as one of the greatest seascape and marine
artists the world has known; in 1982 subtle changes that had begun in the late 1970's
crystallized into Adams' new genre of "classic surrealism." He became interested in creating
works that reflected a historical perspective, intellectual stimulation and mathematical
perfection–painted with technical supremacy. His work began to embody symbols of
antiquity based upon whole systems of organized thought, accumulated knowledge and, as
ever, spiritual ideals. The ocean became a backdrop for these expressions of mature study
and reflection.

Collectors who had long been enamored with Loren Adams seascapes and marine paintings
protested the transitional works. New collectors, who became excited with this creative
flowering, suggested that the sea be left far behind and entirely new themes created.

Loren Adams' statement to the world was to title his tribute to Rene Magritte "La Mia
Prerogitiva," a Latin phrase meaning literally, "It's My Prerogative." This is the artist's
tangible statement of his own individuality and integrity to the creative process as it occurs
within the context of original thought and expression through his work. He believes strongly
that it is the artists' right, and indeed his responsibility, to determine what he will paint and
how he will paint it.

La Mia Prerogativa by Loren Adams

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