Mid-Summer's Eve in Ancient Telos

24"x 18" original oil on canvas, 1989
By Loren D. Adams, Jr.
Accelerated Evolution Series
Private collection

Limited Edition: 100 custom printed cibachrome light etchings
with original handwork by the artist

This is a finished study for a larger painting that the artist considers a major work in its own

This sensitive work depicts the night before the last perfect day of mid-summer in Mu, the
Motherland of man,.the night before the cataclysmic destruction of this ancient highly
evolved civilization on the day the mountains were raised.

According to tradition, a Mid-summer's Eve Festival was held to celebrate the rich harvests,
and to glorify all the highest elements in religion, art and science that were a product of
millennia of undisturbed cultural evolution.

A quote from David Hatcher Childress in his book, Lost Cities of Ancient Lemuria and the
Pacific tells us, "The whole purpose of civilization in Mukulia (Mu) was to create "Masters,"
or "Saints" as they are commonly called today. Each person studied and worked to be a
better person their whole life. Over several lifetimes those persons who had applied
themselves and had penetrated their inner selves to a high degree became "Masters." They
had "mastered" life; not an easy thing to do. These "Masters" were then known as "Elders"
according to the Lemurian Fellowships version of Lemuria; they were loving, knowledgable,
kind, and sympathetic human beings dedicated to helping others journeying along the same

The classic simplicity of the architecture with its delicate frieze work, plus the beauty and
harmony of this ancient environment, create a longing for well-being, peace, and the upward
spiral of human growth and development, as portrayed here by Loren Adams, the master
artist and the man.

His paintings speak to the heart eloquently of our memories of this lost paradise. Of the
Hawaiian Islands that offer him inspiration he says, One of the reasons that I love the
Hawaiian Islands is that I feel they are remnants of this lost continent; it is easy to feel a love
for humanity here and a love for one's self; as I am fond of saying, the journey inward is even
more important than the journey to the stars.


Mid-Summers Eve in Ancient Telos by Loren Adams

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