The Lost Continent of Open Entrance to the Closed
Palace of the King & Queen"

42" x 76" Original oil painting on fine linen canvas
By: Loren D. Adams, 1994
Dedicated to Patricia Upton Adams

Accelerated Evolution Series
Limited edition: 100 cibachromes, 100 Iris digital prints

Ten years have passed since Loren Adams completed his monumental work
"Telos Mu." In his new work "The Lost Continent of Mu..." Adams expands
his vision of the ancient civilization of Mu; a land that existed in a time far
past, beyond our memories and recorded history.

Ancient clay and stone tablets discovered in India and Mexico in the early
1930's by British Colonel James Churchward and archeologist William Niven
brought to light the story of this lost Island continent called the "Motherland
of Man." Col. Churchward devoted 50 years to researching the pictographs
and hieroglyphics found on these mysterious tablets. The ancient writings
unfolded the story of a highly developed culture more than 50,000 years ago.

His study of the tablets convinced him that both sets have the same origin
and are extracts from the sacred inspired writings of Mu... They revealed that
the garden of Eden was not in Asia but on a now sunken continent in the
Pacific ocean. This continent extended from somewhere north of Hawaii to
the south as far as the Fiji and the Easter Islands, and was undoubtedly the
original habitat of man.

Open Entrance to The Closed Palace of the King and Queen

These tablets, with other ancient records, bear witness to the amazing fact that
the civilizations of India, Babylonia, Persia, Egypt and Yucatan were but dying
embers of this first great civilization.

Churchward wrote five books on Mu; The Children of Mu. The Lost
Continent of Mu. The Sacred Symbols of Mu and two volumes on The
Cosmic Forces of Mu based on his life long studies.

Loren Adams has long been fascinated by the ideas of ancient past & ancient
future juxtaposition. He discovered Churchwards' books on Mu in a
bookstore dealing in rare books and his imagination took flight.
A new corpus of work and a whole new style of painting termed classic
surrealism evolved from Adam's compelling interest in Mu.

With this new master work Loren Adams hopes that you will share his
vision of a time beyond the veil of human awareness, a time when culture
reigned supreme, when art, music, architecture and the practice of a spiritual
life were the raison d' etre, or reason for being.

Map of Symbols

Figure A. The Royal escutcheon of Mu
Mu was known as "the empire of the
sun." This symbol of the eight rayed sun relates to the
eight roads to heaven which have survived into today's
Buddhist eight fold path:

1. Right Belief
2. Right Speech
3. Right Living
4. Right Thought
5. Right Action
6. Right Exertion
7. Right Meditation
8. Right Adoration of God

the Greek cross represents the Sacred 4 - the four great
primary forces by which the Creator called the world into
being through the seven great commands.
"By order of the Creator the 4 cosmic forces formed the
earth and are now maintaining it. They order and control
the movements of the universe today."

1. Active Nuclear Force
2. Passive Nuclear Force
3. Electromagnetic Force
4. Cold Magnetic Force

(pg. 170 Cosmic Forces)

Figure B. The tree of life

"This small vignette comes from the sacred inspired
writings of Mu. These sacred writings teach that there is
only one real life on this earth - which is the soul of man.
Of all the forms of earthly creations, man only had an
imperishable part which survived the material body and
lived on forever; therefore, man's soul was the only true
life on earth...Man was the first fruit of a tree and the fruit
was life. The land of Mu was the tree of life.

...."An Open Entrance to the Closed Palace of the
King "(and Queen) The hermetic meaning of this term is
one of the early secret formulas for transmuting base
metal into gold; this is what occurs in the process of
painting. Artist's of Loren Adams' caliber are able to take
simple raw materials of paint & canvas - to accomplish a
vision of beauty - lush, abundant, serene - and bring it
into being to share with the viewer.

Otherwise known as Loren's interesting elements or fun
whimsical additions to the painting:

1. Female Jackson chameleon orchids in foreground -
stalking a grass hopper on the stem above her

2. Red crested honey creeper- an endangered species of
bird in the Hawaiian islands

3. Double rainbow a double measure of the promise of
the qualities inherent in each color:
1. Purple - transformation/ change
2. blue - quiet strength
3. green- community/ relationships
4. yellow- courage/ warmth
5. orange - health/ well beig

6. red- passion/ love

4. Hummingbird near the white orchids

5. Aum temple in background symbolizing earth, sky
and heaven.

6. Serpent in the tree of life representing wisdom and in
this case the water that surrounded Mu and later submerged her

7. Waterfall and still pool - movement and stillness
related to exertion - calm/peace

8. Lush flowers, trees. fruit relates to abundance -
mankind's (and woman's) natural state

9. Pathways fascinate the artist & his wife - symbolic of
life as the hero's journey and we are the heroes.

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