"Yesterday, Today & Forever"
18" x 24" Original oil on canvas
By Loren D. Adams, Jr. in 1992

This painting was inspired by Col. James Churchward's literary works on the subject of Mu, the motherland of mankind. These books were first published in the 1930's and dealt with Col. Churchward's discovery of a set of ancient stone tablets in an east Indian "Rishi" or teaching temple.

These tablets told of an ancient highly developed culture of 50,000 plus years ago; "the land of the west, the land that has gone beneath the setting sun." Churchward believed that the "Garden of Eden" was not in Asia but on this now sunken island continent in the pacific ocean.

An additional set of 2,500 tablets were discovered in Mexico; in symbols and characters they portrayed an account of creation, life and it's origins, the origin and workings of the four great cosmic forces, and the creation of woman.

One of the symbols that was most appealing to Loren translates "Yesterday, Today and Forever"; this symbol is used in a "sentence" that depicts life coming from the universe - through the electromagnetic spectrum and the four comic forces - to the earth plane, life is... "Yesterday, Today and Forever" - going from the earth plane through the electromagnetic spectrum and the four cosmic forces - back into the universe. According to'Churchward's study these symbols are over 35,000 years old.

This painting is Loren Adams' vision of that ancient civilization at it's peak; It is a moment of perfection captured in time...a fountain of life.

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