The Council of the Nine
20x16" oil on canvas
By Loren D. Adams
study for a larger work
from the Accelerated Evolution II series

The number nine in the cabalistic form of numerology
indicates spiritual pursuit. A person with a "nine birth
Path" would be said to be an old soul who has been through
many incarnations and is now leading a life of spiritual
pursuits or sacrifices through service to others in their
evolutionary process.

The Emerald Tablets, an ancient sacred writing, tells of the
council of nine and the Lord of the Nines; a group of angelic
beings who have ever been concerned with the evolution of our
planet on personal and cultural levels.

Circles of stone have throughout the ages been connected with
sacred ceremonies and spiritual awareness, surrounded by myth
and legends.

The Council of the Nine with its' circle of nine smooth
stones in the midst of an ethereal jungle is imbued with that
same sense of mystery, beauty and power.

The Council Of Nine by Loren Adams

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