The Magic Spell of Sun Lady

12"x 12" black and white experimental lithograph, 1987
44"x 44" original oil on canvas Master Work, 1989
By Loren D. Adams, Jr.
Accelerated Evolution II Series

Limited Edition: 100 custom printed Cibachrome light etchings
from the master work with original handwork by the artist

The original black and white lithograph was an experimental work created from the artists'
hand-drawn mylar plates in the format of an album cover for consideration by his friend
Sammy Hagar. It is now in the collection of Mr. Hagar's family. At some point there may be
an edition of black and white lithographs.

Sun Lady was a revered historian and scribe from Lemuria who lived 12,000 years ago at the
time of the great destruction of most of Lemuria.

It was Sun Lady who was given the honor of meeting the first great light ships from the
planet Hesperus. These light beings led by Merk brought tremendous knowledge and ancient
wisdom to share with the earth-dwellers. This knowledge was transferred to indestructible
metal plates of Telonium, and, together with Mutan Mian, Sun Lady labored to place them on
the surface of Telos in hidden time capsules for future mankind to find.

It is believed that they will come to light in the near future in what is now Arizona. Perhaps
they will contain the secret alchemy of eternal youth as practiced by Sun Lady, who was the
most rebirthed of her people; she taught physical and mental exercise and ritual dance and
understood the breath of life.

As the violent earth changes caused more destruction of the Motherland, the ruling Prince
called his people together and entered the ships of light with the Mentors for the migration to

Sun Lady and Mutan Mian did not go into space with their people, but they did complete
their monumental task and were reborn in the future to assist mankind. Williamsons' Secret
Paces of the Lion states that a group of interplanetary beings called the "Goodly Company"
are reborn again and again into the Earth's communities to bring spiritual enlightenment and
ancient wisdom for the evolution of the planet.

This original work by Loren Adams shows Sun Lady poised between worlds, almost as if she
could walk into the ancient world of Telos, Mu, or into our own present time as easily as the
worlds of tomorrow.

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