40"x 30" original oil on canvas, 1988
By Loren D. Adams, Jr.
Accelerated Evolution Series
Collection of John Paul Jones DeJoria

Full Title

"The disappearing chalice which becomes the face of Mozart at the site
of the coronation of the lady of the sun during the arrival of the visitation party
from the planet Hesperus twenty thousand years ago."

Limited Edition: 100 custom printed Cibachrome light etchings
with original handwork by the artist

The obedience of the four beasts of the lower natures are symbolized in the form of three
prehistoric cats and one albino lion; they are under subjectivity to the three higher natures
symbolized in the form of a golden key, a long green emerald crystal, and a jeweled crown
symbolizing self mastery, which makes possible levitation over the abyss and up to the higher
consciousness and understanding of the pearl of great price. The top of the crown bears the
Royal Escutcheon of Mu, the Empire of the Sun, the center of which is the "Greek cross;" the
outside circle symbolizes the Creator; the cross symbolizes the sacred four by which the
creator called Mu into being; the word which matches the glyph is Uluumil (pronounced Oo-
loo oom'-il) which simply means "the country of" or "the empire of."

The key in Sun Lady's hand opens the box of secrets and reveals the meaning of the
pictograph, which is literally a formula for neutralizing the electromagnetic force and the
effect of gravity; the pictograph was found in a cave on Maui by Bejorn Ortenheim and given
to the artist by Alexandra Morrow. Once the secrets are known and understood the time
capsule is apparent, as is the form of the chalice.

After many endless days and endless nights, symbolized by the black and white tile floor, on
which a single gold coin shimmers in the reflection of the window above, you will see the
bust of Mozart. First you will notice the stairway down the ancient path by the ruins of Telos,
which was a trade center in the eastern section of the Motherland, Lemuria.

The black and white tile floor is an endlessly repeating pattern or loop, symbolic of infinity.
This is discussed in Godel, Escher and Bach, written by Douglas R. Hofstsdter.

High above, thermonuclear gas travels in its own orbit in the form of a comet, bursting across
the sky. The revered historian, Sun Lady, in her gossamer gown waits suspended in time and
space in her assent/exodus into higher worlds. Her diamond-studded bracelet has 24 stars
symbolizing the 24 elders of the biblical book of Revelations, which the artist refers to as the
24 cranial nerves of the light body. Sun Lady is transfigured as she breathes and her light
body is reborn from her own breath, from moment to moment, throughout all of time.

The image is painted as a tribute to the music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and in homage
to Salvador Dali and his paranoid critical technique, the optical technique whereby more than
one object may share the same lines, as in his famous painting, "The Lincoln in Dali Vision."

Sun Lady by Loren Adams

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