Terra Incognita

(Latin for "Unknown Territory")

36"x 24" original oil on canvas, 1988
Study for a mural
By Loren D. Adams, Jr.
Accelerated Evolution II Series
Collection of Steven Radocchio

Limited Edition: 150 custom printed Cibachrome light etchings
with original handwork by the artist

This work is inspired by Daniel J. Borstein's brilliant book titled The Discoveries, and by Riane

Eislers' important work on cultural evolution, The Chalice and the Blade. It is also a tribute to our friends and collectors, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Ennis; Walter is an aerospace engineer who is fascinated with "getting off the planet."

The theme is personal and universal evolution; as we travel into the unknown, overcoming inertia, we climb and the obstacles become fewer, the path becomes easier; there are fewer stones and soon green velvet grass appears.

The red ladder is a symbol of opportunity to ascend to a new level of consciousness and tread the higher path of attainment. It is a path paved with pure gold and bathed in bright clear light; the path it seems, is beautiful in and of itself.

To attain the pearl of great price, we must create our own bridge across the abyss; the pearl awaits immediately on the other side. With this new perception, we enter the pyramid and go into the apex of its power to bring forth the space ship within.

The Emerald Tablets, an ancient sacred writing, tells of a spaceship buried under the Great Pyramid in Egypt; it has been said that Napoleon took these statements literally and dug an eleven-foot trench all around the base of the pyramid looking for the space craft.

Terra Incognita by Loren Adams

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