"There's a little town just south of the border..."

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Cabo Wabo Cantina

56"x67" 142.5x 169.2cm
original oil mural on canvas
by Loren Adams
"Cabo Wabo Cantina"
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Loren Adams
Sammy Hagar
"You go there once, you'll be there twice"

Art, aliens and rock 'n' roll: Sammy Hagar covers the bases

Sammy Hagar is feeling relaxed and content hanging out in paradise with his girlfriend Kari. The lead singer of one of the most popular rock bands in the world has just completed a nine month tour which ended in Oahu with what many report was the best rock 'n' roll show they've ever experienced. Van Halen sold out three nights at the Blaisdale producing the highest three show gross in the history of the arena.

Following the record breaking shows all the band members descended on Maui for a little R&R. No stranger to our shores Sammy has enjoyed this trip so much he's thinking of making a more substantial presence.

A major lure in Sammy's decision to contemplate a domicile here related to his friendship with Maui-based artist Loren Adams. The famous rocker has established a close bond with the acclaimed visionary artist and his wife. "Loren and Patty are my two favorite people." Sammy emphasizes. "He's the only person on this planet I trust completely."

The Two artists have talked about presenting a special show together and maybe the Maui benifit will focus on this collaboration. "Loren wants to do some art and maybe we'll do a stage with his art," Sammy says, "I might write a song for each piece. This is a lifetime project. I already have the song "The Wish" for the (painting) "Lords of Light and Glory." "Telos Mu" (another Adams work) is basically another song "Returning Home." I might write some special ones and perform them, an acoustic show with some acoustic friends. Neil Young's my buddy and we do acoustic things together."

An avid fan and collector of Adams' classic surrealist work, Sammy first set eyes on one of these extraordinary paintings around 12 years ago. He encountered "Telos Mu," depicting the ancient civilization of Mu centered in the Pacific that is believed to have flourished around 24,000 B.C. The painting tells of a visitation by advanced extraterrestrial intelligence.

"I'm not a guy who goes around looking for art," Sammy suggests. "My ex-wife took me to Loren and Patty's gallery in Carmel. She wanted to show me a painting of a cow. I'm going, I don't want to buy no picture of a cow. I look up and "Telos Mu" was hanging on the wall. I went, wow, this is incredible. So I comissioned a piece "Naacal Temple," it's the land of Mu out here, and now I've got about seven pieces of his work."

When he met the painter Sammy discovered they shared a similar mystical interest. "I knew a lot about the same kind of stuff, I've read about Atlantis and Mu, and I've always been interested in aliens and UFO's," he reveals.

Many will be surprised to discover that Sammy credits a direct contact with aliens for his huge success, "I had a dream when I was about 19, I felt I was programmed and it changes my life, It was the middle of the night, I started waking up and there was a feeling these guys are going, he's waking up. I opened my eyes but couldn't move the rest of my body. My whole room was lit up so light you couldn't even see the walls. It was scary though I wasn't being hurt. Then all of a sudden it went black and I could move again. Ever since then my life has changed. From the next day on everything started happening, my career, I started writing songs, reading certain kinds of books. I was put on a quest and I'm still on it.

Since this amazing encounter Sammy reports contacts have continued. "It's happened four or five times since then with the same guys but I don't remember it as much. I'm into astronomy and metaphysica, anything you could possibly do to maybe make contact with these. You start finding out about different ones. They're from all over the universe and some of them are from different dimentions and some are people living right here, the walkins like Ruth Montgomery writes about, there's a lot of walkins around."


by, Jon Woodhouse

condensed from, The Maui News - June 18,1992

Sammy & Kari are now happily married of course!