"This is Telos-Mu... perhaps my most important original"

The limited edition of this image is nearly sold out (see disclosure), there are very few reserved prints available. For anyone who wants a Telos Mu this is your opportunity to obtain one and help with a serious matter.

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"This time I do it for free"

This commemorative poster is your free gift for a donation of $25 to

Carol Adams' Mission to Uganda & the building of the Bukwali Childrens Home in South Africa.

So far we have sponsored 64 homeless Bukwali children

This is the primary mission and the reason for our ministry and also this promotion.

Posters autographed by both

Sammy Hagar & Sir Loren Adams available for significant donations

Who is Carol Adams?


"You and I really could save some children...Just like that!" Sir Loren Adams

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