Sir Loren D. Adams, Jr. W.A.

Visionary, Surrealist, Artist, Innovator

880 Front Street, Suite 881

Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii 96761

Canadian address upon request

Born: Linton, Indiana, 1945
Awards: Palmer Marine Artist of the year, 1970 and 1971
Honors: Inclusion in the 7th edition of Men of Acheivement, published by the
International Biographical Center, Cambridge, England, 1980
Collections: R.W.Norton Museum, 1979
Fanin Hall Museum, 1979
Vancouver Centennial and Maritime Museum, 1979
Exhibitions: R.W.Norton Museum, major retrospective, 1979
Vancouver Centennial and Maritime Museum, 1979
National TTT Foundation, Santa Cruz, California, 1971
Young Presidents Club, World Congress, Maui, Hawaii, 1992
Education: California Missionary Baptist Institute of Theology
Theology, Art, and Music, 1963-1967
Critical Acclaim: Formal Evaluation by the late Louis J. Miller, Arts Council



From the mid 1960's to 1982 Loren Adams painted primarily seascapes and costal

marine landscapes, following his fascination for grand scenics with rich color, ambient light and

emotional impact. He was influenced by the old masters, Russan born Ivan Aivazovski, the

great American Hudson River School painters, such as Frederick Church, Albert Bierdstadt, and

the surrealists, Rene' Magritte and Salvador Dali. He paints with delicate layer upon layer of color

in a smooth brush technique that supports his intricate detailed surfaces Ala Prima.


Since 1982 Loren Adams has synthesized his art and spiritual ideas to create his own artistic

Genre, termed "Classic Surrealism " he has entered a realm of exciting imagery that reaches

far beyond the limits of visual experience. Returning in his mind and in his art to a time

before our own, he uncoveres the Lost Continent of Mu, believed by some researchers to have been

the very cradle of civilization. In cryptic symbols and surrealistic visions painted in a classic

vein he has begun a body of work that he calls The Accelerated Evolution Series I & II, 1982-

up until the present time creating a 15 year spectacle.


His largest work in this Accelerated Evolution Series is the "Crystal Cave", a new form of

stabile. It is a large, multi-dimentional, free standing art object, hand carved from wood

panels, then gold leafed and painted on the surface. It depicts the last perfect day of mid-

summer in Mu, the Motherland-the day the mountains were raised. When completed, the

stabile will incorporate lasers, crystals, and multi-media technology.


Latest Works include: Set design for a television pilot.

& stage design and special effects for his pal-Sammy Hagar.


The populatiry of the Accelerated Evolution Series has continued to grow in Japan

where exhibits are scheduled throughout 1998.


Currently Loren Adams remains an influence and an inspiration to the World Art Community.



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