Loren D. Adams, Jr.



1998: Loren is currenty working on an original oil commission for Lynnette Stefanov.

Opened ongoing exhibition at Sea Side Fine Art - Aston Wailea Resort - Maui, HI

Accelerated Evolution Series exhibition from February 3rd. to April 7th at Elan Vital's Art World, Makowao, Maui, HI


1997: A Telos Mu poster commemorating Sammy Hagar's birthday was put on sale, through a World Wide Page donated by Loren, the proceeds of which are to benefit Carol Adams, our missionary to Uganda

Popularity continues to grow in Japan.

Opened Loren Adams Museum of Fine Art on the World Wide Web

Loren is acknowledged as Sir Loren Adams on Sammy Hagar's "Marching to Mars " album.

Loren creates "Red Rocker " space shoes for Sammy Hagar to wear on "Marching to Mars " tour. Sammy Hagar's "Marching to Mars " tour fan brochure credits Loren for shoes, special effects and lists Loren's web page (


1996: Seascape workshop, Loren Adams Studio of Fine Art

Spring Lahaina Galleries presented the works of the seascape workshop featuring talented student Molly Dashnaw.

October Sammy Hagar's birthday, Loren opened on accordion for Sammy at the Cabo Wabo Cantina.

Loren created two 5'x7' murals for Sammy Hagar's birthday, one of the Cabo Wabo

Cantina which became a poster for sale at the Cantina.

Featured on visions of Maui, a Canadian television documentary on the Maui art community.

Artwork created for "Mission to Mars" a television mini-series produced by Herb Wright depicting a manned journey to Mars, which will parallel a NASA attempt.


1995:November 29, Loren performed the marriage of Kari and Sammy Hagar at Mt. Tamalpais in California. The ceremony was televised nationally on Entertainment Tonight.

Designed labeling and bottle for Sammy Hagar's Cabo Wabo Tequila.

Documentary on Loren Adams is shown in Japan .

Loren is featured in an ad for a Japanese charge card.

The success of the Japanese program causes Kate Hayes to be brought on board to assist with publishing.


1994: Inclusion in Artists In Hawaii published by Printech Hawaii, recommended as "the most collectable artist to be found here."

Christmas Pageant theater set design First Assembly of God, Cathedral of the King

Completed Masterworks "Lost Continent of Mu ..."


1993:January 4th, 1993-1st Art Workshop gathering of "The Big Six" Loren Adams Studio, Maui, Hawaii

January 6th, 1993-Exhibition and sale of "The Big Six" art works to benefit Children's Art Program Maui.

Warner Special Projects' Starland Music chooses Loren's work for a set of record covers and advertising for their anthology of contemporary music and soundtracks.

Sold only through television shown on 850 networks.


1992: Exhibition for Young Presidents organization (YPO) World Congress, Maui 92'

Celebration of Life featuring the Crystal Cave Stabile. Grand Hyatt, Wailea, Maui, Hawaii.

Completed Masterworks "Yesterday, Today & Forever " and the "Great Hall of Truth "

One-man Exhibition, Lahaina Galleries, at the Mauna Lani Bay Hotel, Big Island, Hawaii.

Loren and his art showcased on " Get Wet, " the Canadian and U.S. nationally syndicated television program.

Art work featured in video pilot for Lost City Adventures, a projected 28 episode

Canadian television presentation chronicling the sacred places of the world.

Produced by Norman Baldwin and Cash Edwards, the host of the pilot was blues singer Long John Baldrey.

Began successful publishing and export program to Japan.


1991:One-man Exhibition celebrating the total solar eclipse "Ophanim Variations of Light In the shadow, " Lahaina Galleries at the Mauna Lani Bay Hotel, Big Island, Hawaii.

"The Crystal Cave " Stabile maquetee presented at the center for Architecture, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Consulted by art authority Louis J. Miller, head of the California Arts Council, on art legislation.

In a critical evaluation of Loren's work, Miller said, "Loren Adams work is recognized quality."


1990: Opened Loren Adams Studio of Fine Art, on-going exhibition of Loren Adams

One-man Exhibition, Lahaina Galleries, Hawaii

Began Accelerated Evolution Series II

Charity Auction planned for St. Andrews Society, Montreal, Canada

Permanent Collection of Grace E. Flint Memorial Library, Eugene, Oregon

Major art book on Accelerated Evolution in Classic Surrealism in progress.

Opened for Van Halen with a solo presentation at the grand opening of Sammy Hagar's Cabo Wabo Cantina, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.


1989: One-man Exhibition, Lahaina Galleries, Hawaii

Age of Light Exhibition, original music by Loren D. Adams, Sr.

Completed major corpus of work: The Accelerated Evolution Series

Published Limited Editions of the Worlds of Nature / Conservation Series

Published Limited Editions of the Accelerated Evolution Series

Included in the Reference Work, The California Art Review published by American References, Inc.

Subject of feature article in Art to Onions, Summer 1989.


1988: One-man Exhibition, Lahaina Galleries, Hawaii

Completed Masterwork "La Mia Prerogitiva ," "Sun Lady ," and "The Naacal Temple "

Released Limited Editions, "The Augmented Sea ", "Divine Right of Passage ," and "The Naacal Temple " in Cibachrome Light Etching Reproductions with Original Handiwork by the artist.


1987: One-man Exhibition, Lahina Galleries, Maui, Hawaii

Unveiled "The Crystal Cave " Stabile on the Kapalua Golf Course, Maui, Hawaii

Group Exhibition, "The Nature of Reality " Pacific Grove Art Center, California

Released Biographical Video, "Accelerated Evolution ", produced by Cash Edwards and Kicking Horse Productions / Bob Spence

Released the Landmark Painting "Telos Mu " in a Limited Edition of 100 Cibachrome

Reproductions with Original Hand Work by the Artist,

Referenced in the International Issue of Architectural Digest


1986: On-going Exhibition and Art in Action, Loren Adams Studio Gallery, Carmel, California

Collection of Legget and Platt, Inc.


1985: Art In Action and on-going Exhibition, Loren Adams Studio Gallery, Carmel, California

Began Masterwork, "La Mia Prerogitiva " and "Oil on silk study for Sun Lady"

Collection of Sammy Hagar and Big Bang Music

Feature Article, Lively Arts and Fine Art Magazine


1984: Participated in Surrealist Exhibition, in honor of Salvador Dali's 80th birthday at Twentieth Century Masters Gallery Brokerage, Carmel, California

First showing of "The Crystal Cave " stabile, a Work in Progress

Completed Masterwork, "Telos Mu"


1983: Produced documentary video, "Anatomy of a Seascape"

Completed Masterworks, "Divine Right of Passage " and "Moonlight Over Lemuria "

Began a monumental work and new Art Form, "The Crystal Cave " stabile


1982:One-man Exhibition, Richard Beard Gallery, Vancouver, British Colombia

One-man Exhibition, Winters Gallery, Carmel, California

Completed Masterworks, "The Augmented Sea ", and "The Declaration " included in Contemporary Western Artists by Peggy and Harold Samuels

Marriage to Patricia Upton, December 19th, Carmel, California.


1981: One-man Exhibition, Marriot at the Astrodome, Houston, Texas

One-man Exhibition, Gainsborough Galleries, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

International Marine Exhibition, Richard Beard Gallery, West Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada

Permanent collection, Trizec Development Ltd., Canada

Permanent collection, Trizec Equalities Ltd., Canada


1980: One-man Exhibition, Poulsons Gallery, Pasadena, California

Front cover and featured artist, April Issue, South West Art Magazine, Houston, Texas

One-man Exhibition, American Masters Foundation, Galleria Plaza, Houston Texas

One-man Exhibition, Gainsborough Gallery, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Included in the 7th Edition of Men of Achievement, 1980, a European Who's Who,

International Congress of Biographical Information, Cambridge, England

Included in the collection of John L. Henry, III, Austin, Texas

Included in the collection of George Mussleman, Austin, Texas

Oceanartography Ltd., published "Mid-Winter Day Dream"

Chosen by Word Records to create the album art for Dean McNichols "Wurlitzer of the Waves," a collection of pipe organ music by the man whose music has been featured on a radio program originating from Chicago for the Chicago Rescue Mission since 1935.


1979:Retrospective Exhibition, and permanent collection, The R.W. Norton Art Gallery,

A Museum of American and European Art, Shreveport, Louisiana

Group Show, Northwest Marine Art Exhibition with The society of Marine Artists of America, Kirsten Gallery, Seattle, Washington

Published limited edition of Masterwork, "Erica & the Harvest," at Haddad's Fine Art, Anaheim, California

Membership Group Exhibition, Western Artists' Association, Canadian Cancer Society

"Erica & the Harvest" Masterwork to the permanent collection of the Fanin Hall Museum


1978:Provincial Exhibition of British Colombia, Archives Gallery

Provincial Museum, Victoria, British Colombia

Founding Member of Western Artists Association, West Bank, British Colombia


1977:On-going classes and exhibitions at Oceanartgraphy Ltd.

One-man Exhibition, Gallery Royale, Vancouver, British Colombia

Included in the collection of Nelson Skalbania


1976: Established Ltd.Corporation / Oceanartgraphy, Ltd. Vancouver, British Colombia

Featured in June issue of SouthWest Art Magazine


1975: Group Exhibition, Pacific National Exhibition, Vancouver, British Colombia

Founded Academy of Oceanography Art School, Vancouver, British Colombia

(Taught actively 1975-1981)


1974:One-man Exhibition, Gainsborough Gallery, Calgary, Alberta, Canada


1973: One-man Exhibition, Gainsborough Gallery, Calgary, Alberta, Canada


1972: One-man Exhibition, Kenzils Gallery, Sacramento, California

One-man Exhibition, Pacific National Exhibition, Vancouver, British Colombia


1971:National TTT Foundation Exhibit, Santa Cruz, California

One-man Exhibit, Dewey Moore Galleries, Ltd., Salt Lake City, Utah

Palmer Marine Artist of the Year Award


Loren Adams traveled extensively throughout the United States with the Palmer Art

Shows from 1968 to 1972. He participated in numerous group showings and received

several awards including the following


Best of Shows: Los Arcos Center, Scottsdale, Arizona

Inland Center Art Festival, Salt Lake City, Utah

Hillsdale Center Art Festival, San Mateo, California


1970:Membership in Gallery Masters of the Future, San Diego, California

One-man Exhibition, Gallery Masters of the Future

Best of Show, Inland Center Art Festival, Salt Lake City, Utah

Palmer Marine Artist of the Year Award


1969: One-man Exhibition, Gallery Art Shoppe, Sacramento, California

One-man Exhibition, Roseville Museum, Roseville, California

Two-man Exhibition, Kenzils Gallery, Sacramento, California

Group Exhibition, Martinez Art Festival, Martinez, California

One-man Exhibition, Sutter Art Gallery, San Francisco, California

Membership in San Francisco Bay Area Artist Association

Group Juried Exhibition, Lake San Marcos Art Festival, Lake San Marcos, California


1968:One-man Exhibition, Roseville Community Hospital, Roseville, California

Exhibition, Town & Country Village Fine Arts Festival, Sacramento, California

One-man Exhibition, Gallery Art Shoppe, Sacramento, California


1967:Award & Group Exhibition, Town & Country Village Fine Arts Festival, Sacramento, California


1963-1967: Attended Seminary School, California Missionary Baptist Institute of Theology Emphasis on Theology, Art, & Music


1945: Born in Linton, Indiana



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