Did you know?

The artist would be happy to make something

especially for you, in the amount of your budget

How to Commision an Original Oil Painting

Step#1 Establish your own budget

Step#2 Write a letter of intent or fill out questionare

Step#3 Submit a check made payable to: Loren Adams in the amount of one half of your budget

Step#4 By registered mail send letter and check to:

Loren Adams Studio of Fine Art

880 Front Street, Suite 881

Lahaina, Maui, HI 96761

If I accept your commission I will deposit your check and notify you personally.

If I decline your offer your check will be returned,

with a suggestion of how you might be better served

Step#5 Please allow 6 - 12 weeks for smaller paintings, 4 - 6 months for medium sizes, up to one year or more for larger works

Step#6 25% Payment due upon completion

Step#7 Balance due before shipping collect

Any questions, email sales@lorenadams.com

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