The Artist's Favorite Quotes


"Kadoish", "Kadoish", "Kadoish" "Adonai Tsabayoth"


"Wonderful place heaven, isn't it?"


when?, what?, where?, how?, why? & why not? and who?

Those are the only questions that can be asked!

Mad, sad, glad or happy that's how it is and by the way now what?

So what? then what? & when? most especially when?


"Everybody gets 24 hours a day - what ever you dwell on expands...

at the same rate as the universe expands."


"Everything that you focus on with all of your being cannot help but become

a reality and if you don't dream big it damn for sure won't happen!"


"My goals recede faster than I approach them. I learn so much in the process of creating

each new painting that it intices me to reach even further with my next composition."


"A painting is only as beautiful as a single brushstroke."

"If I can't work on something great it is a waste of art materials."


Our favorite quote about Loren, by Bruce Landon, Ph.D.:

"Loren Adams is living proof that the light at the end of the tunnel is not a train."


Loren's favorite quote by Salvador Dali:

"The only difference between myself and a madman is that i'm not mad."


On prospective collectors of his paintings:

They have to want them more than I do.


"I think of my paintings as having a separate life from my own and a destiny independent

from my own. I am pleased that quite a few museums have shown my works and several

have purchased them. I think of the longevity of the art and my collectors know that I

think of the art as being held in sacred trust for the future. There is a responsibility

attached to collecting fine art that is undeniable."


"I usually complete around 15 works per year and I offer reproductions with original

handwork in very small editions. I'm no longer interested in being terribly prolific. At

this stage in my life I am interested in the pursuit of excellence, being the best that I can

be, and I compare my works to master artists whose works I admire."


Loren's favorite quote from Walter Lanyon's book "The Temple Not Made With Hands":

"The evidence so far is that there is no place or condition where the presence of God is absent."


The State of California recognizes art in all of its various forms to be the exact opposite of crime.


"Therefore do art not crime."


"Those who obey themselves are not commanded by others." (attributed to Friedrich Nietzsche)


Nobody can say Jesus is the Christ except by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Hurrying along in it's un-hurried way though Earth, Air, Water & Fire were all in league against it.

Nothing shall withstand the brightness of his coming.

Lord Jesus come into my heart.


Whatever is fun at 99% is a hell of a lot more fun at 100% - Sir Loren D. Adams

(quoted on camera for Entertainment Tonight for conclusion to performing

the ceremony of the marriage of Sammy & Kari Hagar)


Just like I told you before - what is understood need not be discussed.

Smells like purple to me.


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