Oil Painting of the Loren D. Adams Stabile

16" x 24" original oil on canvas, 1984
By Loren D. Adams, Jr.
Accelerated Evolution Series
Collection of the Artist

Full Title

"Oil Painting of the Loren D. Adams Stabile as Seen on the
Kapalua Golf Course Overlooking Molokai"

The oil painting is an extended dimension of the stabile, object becoming subject.

The stabile is a large stationery sculpture of heroic proportions. To fully appreciate the enormity of this magnificent work in progress, both in scale and depth of meaning, it needs to be seen. Loren's stabile is hand crafted of fine woods, overlaid with gold leaf and then painted. When completed, the "Crystal Cave" stabile will incorporate the use of lazer lights, holograms and audio equipment.

The stabile is three dimensional, it is seven feet high and thirteen feet long in one direction and eleven feet long in another. One side is called "The Last Perfect Day of Midsummer in Mu, the Motherland, the Day the Mountains Were Raised" and depicts the height of cultural attainment in the ancient civilization of Mu or Lemuria, the Motherland of man. Another side is titled, "Oh Great Star What Would Your Happiness Be if you had not Those for Whom you Shine?", from the prologue of Thus Spake Zarathustra by Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche. The third aspect features the magician Merlin's crystal cavern and is called The Falcon and the Ring Neck Dove of the Magic Cave."

This original oil on canvas depicts the stabile as the artist first saw it in his minds' eye when he originally conceived it in 1982; he envisioned it completed and standing unveiled "On the Kapalua Golf Course Overlooking Molokai."

Vision became reality on November 27th, 1987 when the stabile was unveiled at Kapalua resort on the Island of Maui.

Crystal Cave Stabile

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