Early Masterworks, Viewing Room 1

Morning Revealed

original oil on linen ca. 1978 24" x 36" 61x92cm

Collection of: Chris Home-Douglass

Vancouver, B.C.


original oil on linen ca.1981 20" x 30" 51x76cm

Collection of: Carl & Birdie Tautenhaun

Houston, Texas

End of the Storm

original oil on linen ca.1974 30" x 48" 76x122cm

Collection of: Edgar F. Kaiser

Vancouver, B.C.

Sequence of Morning

original oil on linen ca.1978 36" x 48" 92x122cm

Private Collection, Canada

Day of Transfiguration

Fused media on white lead prepaired air craft aluminum

20" x 30" 51x76cm ca. 1977

Collection of: The Wade Shipley Ranch

New Mexico


original oil on linen ca. 1972 48" x 82" 122x207.5cm

Permanent Collection of:

Vancouver Maritime Museum, B.C.

Intermezzo Imperia

original oil on linen ca. 1978 24" x 30" 61x76cm

Collection of : Chris Home-Douglass

Of Rhyme & Reason, Time & Season

Homage to the last four songs of Richard Strauss

original oil on linen ca. 1976 12" x 48" 30.5x122cm

Private collection, Canada

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