Early Masterworks, Viewing Room 3 

Celebration of the Presence

Original oil on linen ca. 1978 24" x 36

Private collection

The Quickening

Original oil on prepared aircraft aluminum

ca. 1980 20" x 30" 51x76cm

Private collection


original oil on linen ca.1980 18" x 24" 45.8x61cm

Collection of: John Henry III

Austin, Texas

An Hawana Wana Nalu

original oil on linen ca. 1970 48"x72"

Collection of Dr. & Mrs. Martin Fallick

Sunnyvale, California

Morning View

original oil on linen ca. 1978 16"x20"

private collection - British Columbia

Golden Sunset Review

original oil on linen ca.1979 24"x36"

private collection - British Columbia


original oil on linen ca. 1981 12"x16"

private collection

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