Of Rhyme and Reason, Time and Season

Homage to Rene' Magritte

12"X 48" original oil on linen, 1976
By Loren D. Adams, Jr.
Worlds of Nature/Conservation Series

Private collection

limited Edition: 100 custom printed Cibachrome light etchings
with original handwork by the artist

This painting is the artist's tribute to Richard Strauss' "Vier Letze Lieder" ("Four Last

Loren Adams has captured the beauty and poignancy of the changing seasons of our lives
and the tides of our emotions in a wonderful analogy of nature's own cycles of change; the
four seasons are painted elegantly, shifting and blending so subtly that you are surprised to
find yourself looking at Spring's new beginnings, suggested by the young couple in the soft
green forest light, and Winter's blanket of snow, all in the same amazing panorama

"Of Rhyme and Reason, Time and Season" was painted as a commission for a collector who
had just become married. She romantically asked the artist to create something for her that he
would especially enjoy painting, making no demands or requests other than the work should
be pleasing to the artist and that it should be painted in his own time frame.

Two years later Mr. Adams presented the painting that was to be the focal point of the R.W.
Norton Museum Retrospective Exhibition catalogued in 1979; it is referenced on a double
center page and stands as a landmark Masterwork in the Artists emerging interest in

Rene' Magritte is credited with being the first artist to portray a painting on an easel, within a
painting. He is also Loren Adams' favorite Surrealist. This particular illusion of painting
within a painting is so deftly executed in "Of Rhyme and Reason, Time and Season", that the
viewer is likely to discover it only after many pleasant "visits".

Rhyme & Reason, Time & Season by Loren Adams

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