"The Transformation Suite"

3 original oils & stabile maquette - Private Collection

Death & Transfiguration, Loren Adams

"Death & Transfiguration"

"Queen Nutt & the Leviathan"
Queen Nutt & Leviathan, Loren Adams
Hermit & Tower...,Loren Adams
"The Hermit & the Tower

of Reconstruction of Babylon"

"To Fly"

16"x20" original oil

$13,500.00 U.S.

"View to Lanai"

16"x36" original oil

$9,500.00 U.S.

"Wind Song Regatta"

20"x16" original oil

$16,500.00 U.S.

Yesterday Today & Forever, Loren Adams
"Yesterday Today & Forever"

18"x24" original oil

Private Collection

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