Loren D. Adams Museum of Fine Art

Naacal Rock Garden

The following is a permanent, private collection of 50 objet d'art.

This fifty piece collection of original handmade tempered concrete stones by Loren Adams,

each featuring a sacred symbol from the original cosmology of Mu.

According to tradition, the oldest legends were engraved in stone. This is the Genisis story in the Garden of Eden.

The actual stones were discovered by William Niven and are now in the British Museum. They were found in 1927

just south of Ahuizoctla, Mexico, under three other sedimentary civilizations who probably never knew about each

other. Col. James Churchward, a British nobelman & archiologist, spent 50 years of his life studying these and

another complete set from India. In most Alphabets Mu is the 13th letter. The reason for this is that the original

Kara Maya Vocables is the basic origin of most cosmologies. When you disect the Naga Maya Vocables, the meaning

of the letters when read as a sentence, tells the story of the sinking of Mu. These are 50 of my intended 144. There are

over 2,600 in William Niven's collection. Read about it in "The Lost Continent of Mu" by Col. James Churchward

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