How to Commission Original Art

"Yes it is a very personal thing indeed", to quote the artist, "The paintings are my children, to become a collector you become part of my extended family.

It is very important to consider the entire amassed collection when forming a new collection.

As a collector you assume undeniable responsibilities as you would in any family, and I would like to feel comfortable to go and visit my children in your home, it hasn't very much to do with money, its more about what would be appropriate.

The collection is highly important to all humanity and the widening of the planetary cultural base."

Knowing this, if you feel that you would like to become a collector, please fill out the following questionnaire:

Name: Last, First

Street Address:

City: State: Zip: Country:


Years at this address: Marital status

Home owner? Yes No Your Age: How many in your family:

Church or religious preference

Do you collect? Yes No What type of objects do you collect?

Are you able to care for art works? Yes No

What kind of climate in your area?

Will your collection be insured? Yes No

Do you have a security system for your collection? YesNo

During your absence will a reliable person be an official guardian? YesNo

Have you ever had art works stolen? YesNo

Are you willing to make special arrangements to care for the art in the event of your extended absence? YesNo

Are you willing to make special provisions for the good care of the art in your last will and testament? YesNo

Are you financially able to predict your ability to display the art properly framed or mounted with appropriate lighting that yields the best over all viewing of the art? YesNo

Are you financially able to collect? What is your budget?

What is your preferred method of contact?Desired method of payment?

Is this important enough for us to begin today?

Please submit a deposit in the amount of half of your budget & lets go!

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