Eight Views of "The Crystal Cave Stabile"
by Sir Loren Dean Adams
hand painted in fine oil pigments on 22K german gold-leaf
original objet d'art 15 years in the making, features three portals, inspired by three great literary works:

" Thus Spake Zarathustra" by Fredrich Nietzsche

"The Lost Continent of Mu" & "The Children of Mu" by Col. James Churchward

"The Crystal Cave" by Mary Stewart


All reproduction rights reserved by the artist



"Zarathustra awakens before the dawn

to address the monotheistic symbol of the deity"


"Oh Great Star, what would your happiness be

if you had not those for whom you shine?"

"So be it, shine as the light ... Thus spake Zarathustra"
"The festival of mid-summers eve in the garden..."
"In the garden on mid-summers eve..." Homage to Col. James Churchward

"The last perfect day of mid-summer in the motherland Lemuria,

the day the mountains were raised"

"The last perfect day in Merlin's childhood..." Homage to Mary Stewart
"The falcon changing into the ringneck dove in the crystal cave of Merlin"

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