The Declaration

30"x 40" original oil on canvas, 1982
By Loren D. Adams, Jr.
Worlds of Nature/Conservation Series

Private Collection

Full Title

"I Declare My Presence In Your Life... Handle It!"

Limited Edition: 100 cutom printed Cibachrome light etchings with original handwork by the artist

The Declaration is a significant painting in the in the artists' personal history; it was the first painting that he completed in the fall of 1982 after meeting the woman who would become his wife on December 19,1982--Patricia Upton.

The three seagulls soaring in unison represent the artist, Patty, and her son David. David was included in the three-ring ceremony where they were pronounced family; Loren adopted David soon after and David now studies art with Loren, plays music, and has extended the family circle with his lovely wife Colleen and their two beautiful chlidren, David and Kira.

A free-spirited seascape, the colors are bright, spontaneous and happy; sparkling droplets of light seem to dance, winking and smiling across the tops of the waves.

The Declaration by Loren Adams

Loren Adams paints with color as if it were light!

You will see the same pattern of color progression in a Loren Adams painting that you see in a rainbow .

If you ask him about his color theories, he breaks it down to the nature of reality:

I paint color as it appears in nature, according to the chromatic sequence, quotes Adams, always considering the variables of time, moton and the quality of light that I want to create;" white light breaks down to all the colors of the visible spectrum in a particular pattern of wavelengths, just like you see in a rainbow; this is the meaning of the term, chromatic sequence.

For years Loren graphed the motion of the sea until he understood on intellectual and intuitive levels just how water moves, how waves break, and how foam patterns form in relation to that movement; he then formed a deep understanding of the path of light in relation to motion and time. Loren paints light where it was a moment ago, where it is now, and where it will be in the next moment; thus his water and light seem to continually move and shimmer on the canvas giving his paintings a life of their own, and, as the Artist has stated, a destiny independent from my own

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