"First Light" The Limited Edition was created by; the artist himself Sir Loren D. Adams Jr; at Accura Systems on the Island of Maui; from a Photoshop file made by the artist on a Macintosh OS computer system from a full size digital scan of; the artist's Original Oil Painting; "First Light" made by; Kornrich Digital of Maui. The Painting is from the minds eye of the Artist and is of independent origin from; a dream the artist had in March of this year.
250 signed and numbered hand embellished fine art prints on canvas
$1600 US
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Loren Adams actually enjoys all the aspects of printing in permanent dye based inks on; The new 52"Roland Hi-Fi Jet 6 color Scholastic printer which renders a true 1440 x 720 resolution for even continuous tonal quality on; fine Quality waterproof art canvas. Inspection & comparison of each & all "First Light" prints to the masterprint known as; B/T "Bona Tiera" a French term meaning; good to pull or make all others like this one! in order to monitor the consistency & quality of; the whole edition which is directed by; The Artist; Loren D. Adams and assisted by Roy Patterson at; Accura Systems of Maui.
Next each print (reproduction of the original oil) is both spayed & hand-brushed with three coats of millennium UV protective varnish which also optimizes the visual effect.
Following that, the Artist and his assistant hand embellish each print by painting directly on the image with titanium coated mica-particles suspended in an acrylic base in a rainbow of colors to add special effects as well as unique value to the art.
Each print is then remarked with a hand drawn biogram containing the artists? initials And then I place my thumbprint over it. This is the apparatus that guarantees the limit of the edition.
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